Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing In a layman’s term, inbound marketing is a way to promote the company through videos, blogs, podcasts, e-newsletters, eBooks and whitepapers. Now, as people have different flexibilities, therefore; it becomes extremely important to look for a company, which can change their customized needs accordingly. With us, at C&C InfoTech, you will be able to enjoy some amazing inbound marketing services, without fail.

We would like to help customers with social media marketing and different other forms of marketing, which will attract customers through various stages of the purchase funnel. Long gone are those days when you have to rely on outbound marketing to increase your company’s visibility. Modern technology is forming its way towards inbound strategies, where we lead the charts.

Providing you with array of information :

Our inbound marketing agents are trained separately in providing you with a complete range of services, which will meet your customer’s needs. Even though, we have experience in following areas, we still would love to customize the packages to ensure that you receive exactly what you have been asking for. Through our services, you will be able to get a complete return on investment or ROI from marketing your brand.

Defined as the leading inbound agency of all time, we present to you a vast selection of inbound services, which make us completely different and important from the rest. We have mingled various packages, which will help in determining the best services, proven beneficial for your specified business.

Web design services :

Did you have the slightest clue that more than 46% of customers consider web design to be the promising criteria for determining the credentials of a brand? Having a simple website is not enough, as you need a platform, which can optimize user experience. It will clearly reflect on the personality of your brand. Some areas, where we can help in boosting your online image :

  • Web development: Planning to rebuild the look of your company? We are here to help you with the best ways to find on HubSpot or WordPress.
  • Mobile optimization service: Responsive web design is described as one of the latest topics in modern marketing. This service is now an integral part of website design, and not on an optional side.
  • Redesign your old website: In case, you are planning for a total overhaul or planning to streamline for faster loading time, then redesigning your old website can help. We would like to present you with a corporate identity, too.
  • Landing pages: In case, you are hoping to turn your online site into conversion machine, you will get it from our side. We would like to provide you with user optimization experience, along with SEO. Additionally, we would like to build some irresistible landing pages for your need.

Marketing and website assessment :

From us, you will be able to request for a personalized marketing assessment and avail one on one consultation, when ask for. We are glad to provide you with valuable insights and quick tips, which help in transforming the present marketing strategy. As your business is unique, therefore; your marketing should be unique, as well. Your personal consultation comprises of:

  • Ways, in which you can compare your marketing strategy with other competitors
  • Improving your present market flow after going through full website analysis and opportunities
  • Promising SEO tips, which you need to implement into website immediately for instant help
  • Ways to generate more leads through your website
  • Availing help from email marketing, blogging and social media strategy

To kick start with the marketing plan, you should fill up the online marketing form first. Our team will email you with a marketing assessment, within limited period, just after receiving your request.

Working on Search engine optimization :

Inbound marketing will stay unfinished if you cannot incorporate search engine optimization with it. Amazing fact shows that nearly 60% of a website’s traffic relay on top 3 Google result. It means you have to earn and maintain the best high ranking results to grade up your company’s profile. The algorithms of Bing, Google and Yahoo are some of the well-kept secrets, and SEO industry has developed in its response. Our practitioners mainly focus towards the loopholes, present in these algorithms, to provide you with a most promising result. You can receive promising help from us, such as:

  • On-page strategy: On-page strategy deals with nearly 15% of online traffic. With us, you will be coached in optimizing your content and website pages for the probable customers. These are done with the help of alt text, Meta data and proper titles.
  • Keywords: Keywords play a proper role in on-page content strategies. You can utilize a long tail keyword or even phrases of three words. Recent result shows that 70% of search deals with long tail keywords. We are here to develop a customized keyword strategy for you.
  • Off-page strategy: Google weighs on how other websites view your online site. Availing links will not be effective, and it is important now to keep an eye on back links profile. The main aim is to be away from the risk of being penalized. Our experts will help you to produce some important contents, which will generate natural links and perform some analysis.

What makes us different from the rest?

When the competition is so high, what makes us completely different from the rest? With so many years of experience and after managing so many bootstrapped startups, we have gained proficient information about this industry. Some of the areas, where we really shine, are listed below :

  • New market expansion services
  • Providing clients with competitive analysis
  • Marketing and sales sections
  • Talent acquisition along with retention
  • Launch of any new product or service
  • Process analysis to maximize your client base

Before we make any new recommendations to our clients, we take some time to understand the procedures, policies, vision and beliefs. The primary aim is to ensure that your website is free from breakdowns. You can consult our experts to know what we exactly have to say. For any queries and problems in your marketing strategies, we are happy to help. Our services are now just a click away!