Email Marketing Services

email marketing Directly marketing a commercial group of people sounds easy, but in reality, it is not. You need to put forward attractive content with easy flowing language and proper information and email to the probable group. The email needs to be attractive and must force the customers to go through the entire content. Are you feeling confused regarding the steps to take? If yes, then wait no further and contact C&C InfoTech, where a team of leaders is here to talk about email marketing and ways to use the steps in your favor.

Our services of sending email for a marketing deal with emails for sending advertisements, solicit donations or sales and even request for some business ventures. We believe in building trust, loyalty, and brand awareness through our email marketing strategies. In a general sense, this term is used to send emails with the main aim of enhancing the relationship between merchant and customers. For merchants like you, we have a wide range of selected services available.

Email marketing along with newsletters :

With us, you will be able to send campaign follow-ups, newsletters and individual emails to your targeted audience. Our services are generally categorized under four major distinctions, and those are :

  • Drag and drop interface
  • Mobile friendly services
  • Free templates
  • Free image hosting services

Manage and help in growing your contacts :

through our services, you will be able to gather varied contacts into single platform. Through us, you will be able to :

  • Import some of your existing contacts from file of any other services. Avail the help of our contact management features, which will help you to find and work on some of the chosen contacts. We would like to offer you with some additional features. You will be able to view the full history of the contact on one screen only, starting from different sales to some other marketing channels.
  • Data driven segmentation is another leading choice from our side. Through this section, you will be able to segment contacts by contact data, activity on your official website and other campaign interactions. You will be able to enjoy social data or interests along with various other services. Use some of our segments to explore contacts and send targeted campaigns for affecting the automation services.
  • Avail custom forms from our side too. Add to the subscription forms to the online site, which will allow the visitors to receive some of your campaigns. Additionally, you will receive extensive contact data, as well. From any email address, you will be able to gather varied information like gender, contact’s age, social profiles and interests. 

Emails associated with intelligent behavioral based services:

Through us, you will receive a software, which acts like auto responder, but much better than it. Through our services, you will be able to create automations, like action sequences and emails, depending on behavioral and contact data. We would like to follow some emails, depending on actions of contacts, behaviors, and interest level of your website.

  • Split testing features: We are here to test various subject lines, followed by email content. The main aim is to check out the services or objects, which help your website to receive clicks, opens, and highest return on investment or ROI.
  • Dynamic content: With us, you will be able to add content from any of the e-commerce platform. It is primarily embedded with RSS-based data within the chosen email. You will be able to add some conditional content, to make your website more versatile in nature.

Providing clients with real time insights into contacts and campaigns :

Through us, you will be able to monitor some campaign interactions, contact trends and reactions. Dig into wealth of opportunities and reporting services, and keep an eye on specified campaigns. Through us, you will come to know more about on-going trends, real time activity streams and more. We would like to take some time out of the mass interaction, contact based data and behavioral services. The main aim is to make the service actionable for you.

GEO tracking forms an integral part of email marketing. Here, you have the liberty to check more about the contacts and ways in which, they are interacting with the campaign. These services come into action with a geo-location tracking device. Through this feature, you will know the areas, where the contacts live and use the same data for segmentation.

Why would you take our help?

Now, even when the competition is so high, people are inclining towards C&C InfoTech for help. What make us different from the rest? To know more about it, go through the points listed below :

  • Complete personalization: With us, you will be able to personalize the campaign with contact data. Create some additional conditional content too, within emails and embed some external data, depending on the preferences of contacts.
  • Customized data fields: You will be able to create some customized fields, which are used to stock any form of contacting data. Some basic examples are text fields, radio buttons, drop downs and more to be added to the list. You will be able to personalize some campaigns of your emails, depending on your chosen data.
  • Full control over your service: If you need total or unlimited control over your email account, you can avail help from our side. You will be able to control your email with some full source editing, which helps in modifying CSS and HTML categories.
  • Text or SMS messaging: You will be able to send SMS, to some of your chosen contacts through us. Additionally, you will be able to track the responses or interactions to SMS campaigns.
  • Plethora of integrations: You will be able to integrate your email with e-commerce platforms, WordPress, accounting systems and CRMs. Additionally; you will be able to integrate your email with payment systems, webinars and more.
  • Campaign archive for help: Trough our experts, you can maintain a public archive of past mailings. Help your visitors to view some past emails, and subscribe to any of the list.

So, wait no further and contact us on an immediate note to know more about email marketing. Moreover, we can help you with the best-integrated solutions.